Author's selfie I’m tired this evening! I left for work before 6 AM today, in order to get out to the Ocean Park Timberland Library on the coast. Several of my co-workers went with me to cover the library while the staff attended training. It takes almost three hours to get there! Our library encompasses a large geographic area.

When not at the library, I’ve been busy with my classes in my MLIS program. My main focus today: playing games!

Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island boxI enlisted the help of my family to play Forbidden Island tonight. It was exactly a requirement for my gamifying information course, but it was an additional activity suggested that we could share on the discussion boards. The game offers an entertaining mix of fantasy, adventure, and cooperative play. I also enjoyed the random elements that promise a lot of replay options.


Aside from playing the game today, I also enjoyed lectures and articles about games. One the tasks to tackle? Defining ‘game.’ What is a game? It’s one of those terms that describes a range of activities. It includes games like Forbidden Island, poker, baseball, and Minecraft. The articles offer various definitions of games, but we’re tasked with developing our own definitions and writing a discussion of that definition, with references to the materials. Plus we’re to write peer reviews of work by our classmates.

I’m out of time tonight to finish that up, so I’ll continue the work on it tomorrow.