Author's Selfie I spent the beginning of my day in the office, then went out to the Hoodsport Timberland Library before returning back to the office. Hoodsport sits along the Hood Canal. The library has a location on the hillside overlooking the canal. Even on a cloudy and rainy day, it’s a great view out the large windows of the library.

Short Stories, Lots of Words

I’ve been working on getting ahead on scheduling stories each Monday. I have enough stories written to post another story each week through this next semester and into June, twenty-two more weeks. I’d like to continue posting weekly—meaning I need to get more stories written!

A wise writer told me that you shouldn’t try to write stories unless you enjoy reading stories. I do. I always have. I still have my complete collection of Aboriginal SF and Science Fiction Age magazines. Plus many issues of Analog SF, Asimov’s Science Fiction, and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Plus a great many anthologies and collections of short fiction.

Since I have so much work to do in other areas with my massive reboot, I plan to focus initially on short fiction. I want to write new stories. I want to read excellent short stories and learn from those stories. I plan to study the craft. I will submit stories for publication in select markets, and share stories here on the blog.

I also plan to publish collections (as I mentioned the other day) collecting the stories from each year, or years in the case when there aren’t enough stories to make a collection.

In addition to all of that, I plan to do much more with my Drive-By Stories, very short stories dictated during my commutes. I have a few stories published there now (all under 2,000 words). When the site refreshes, it shows a new story. I want to improve the site, include illustrations inspired by pulp art, and add many more stories!