Author's selfie Office day today, running reports, working on documentation, and meeting about projects in progress. As with any organization, there is a great deal of activity that takes place behind the scenes in a library. It runs the gamut from the high-level concepts and values behind library service down to the precise details of how information is entered in a record field.

5 Reasons I Write Fiction


Writing fiction offers the opportunity to explore worlds that never existed before—not until I create them. Good or bad, fantastic or not, I enjoy the process of exploring the worlds my of my subconscious.


Few things compare to the act of artistic creation. Human beings are wired to enjoy creating. Even destruction is in itself an act of creating something new, transforming reality in some way. Artistic creation breathes life into an expression in a way that speaks to another human being. That is a powerful motivator.


I love learning. I didn’t always love school. If I didn’t think something was worth my time I didn’t do it. I tended to thrive when teachers let me work independently and pursue my interests. After the realization that I wanted to write, everything applied to my writing. It took time to break bad habits, but my grades and focus improved. No matter the subject, it could apply to my writing.


Writing communicates our thoughts into the mind of another human being. These marks on a page or screen are interpreted by our eyes (or ears, if listening to someone else read it) and directly creates thoughts in the reader. It allows us to communicate with other human beings in an asynchronous fashion across space and time. Even after we are gone, our writings can communicate with people. Our encoded thoughts persist into the future.


I also write for my own entertainment! It’s fun. And it’s fun to share that with others. There’s a lot to be said for art and the rest, but some things are also fun. It isn’t all about being serious and meaningful. Some of the most profound things that we experience in life come in those moments of joy and happiness. I treasure the moments lost in a book, experiencing other worlds and times.


Cover art for Chanur's LegacyI started reading at a young age and have continued to read daily. I never go without something to read. I snatch whatever time I can to read. Reading forms the core of my professional and creative life, as a librarian and as a writer. In both cases, I work to share that love with others.