Author's selfieI walked out this morning onto a sheet of wet ice covering the driveway, the yard, gate, road, and everything else! I didn’t fall on my ass. I considered skipping the walk. I had already started Zombies, Run! and my audiobook, though, so I went ahead walked (carefully).

David Bowie

Today was David Bowie’s birthday, and in a couple days, it’ll be the one year anniversary of his death. Though gone, the No Plan – EP was just released along with this video.

I’ve listened to the new release, Blackstar released last year today, and other David Bowie songs today.

The Most Important Birthday

Today might be David Bowie’s birthday, but that wasn’t why we had a family birthday party. Alexander shares Bowie’s birthday (though many years apart). He had a fabulous time today playing—his favorite part being the time he got to spend with his Uncle Daron. The years fly past. I enjoyed having a chance to spend this day with him and our family.

The Special

I just saw this on Netflix. Always fun.