Author's selfieI didn’t get much sleep last night. My son had issues with nightmares, which left me sitting up in his room to keep him company until late. I finally got into bed around 11:20, marking another late night for me. Maybe I should have resisted taking a nap! I’m planning an earlier night today.

Spring 2017 MLIS

This morning I took a look back at the school site and discovered that the last syllabus I needed had been posted. I updated my Trello board with the details provided (I love organized faculty). Now I have cards for every class on my board.

Snapshot of Spring 2017 Trello Board

I also ordered the additional text book that I need for the class, Seminar in Library Management: Social Network Analysis and Social Analytics (INFO282-11). This is the final course I need for the Advanced Certificate in Digital Assets and Services, focusing on the Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision Making. It starts later in the semester, March 1st. Another course I’m taking, Seminar in Library Management: Political Advocacy (INFO282-14) runs just through February. Between these two courses I’ll get 3 credits. My other two classes, Seminar in Contemporary Issues: Globalization and Information (INFO281-13) and Seminar in Information Science: Gamifying Information (INFO287-11), are each 3 credits and run the full 15 weeks.

These are my final classes. After this, I’ll have a portfolio project to complete in the fall.

It’s interesting, pursuing a degree again. I’m learning a lot. I’m also discovering so much more that I want to learn. I’ve picked up a slew of books to continue studying topics on coding and data. It’s clear that I’m not going to be done learning when I finish the degree!

Zombies, Run! Writing Opportunity

I saw this tweet today.

I read the details. It looks like a fantastic opportunity. I love what Naomi Alderman and Six to Start have done with Zombies, Run!. I use it each day on my walks (gradually transitioning to running). It looked very tempting to apply for a chance to work with the team, travel to London (much of the work is done at a distance, but there’s a 10 day trip needed), and potentially make some money and contribute to a great project. Between my work in the library, the MLIS program, and anticipated work on my massive reboot and other projects, I’m not planning to apply. I’m going to focus on my personal work. Still, if you think you might be interested—go for it! It can’t hurt to give it a shot.