Author's selfie Thus, we wrap up the long, interesting, and sometimes sad and surprising year. In some ways, it hardly seems possible that the year is over—especially when I think how long we waited for the election to be over. It really seemed to take forever. It’s done, and now we’re moving into 2017. Some people mark the passing of 2016 with the loss of musicians and celebrities. Carrie Fisher and David Bowie top that list for me. While I’m aware of challenges we all face, I am looking forward to 2017! I plan to embrace the year with a positive attitude. There is a lot to look forward to in the next year.

Looking Back at 2016

At the library today, I reviewed the top 10 most borrowed items in our district, in various categories. I shared it with the staff. I don’t have access to the website, so it isn’t shared publically yet, but once it does get shared I’ll pass on the link. It’s an interesting thing, looking at what was popular this year. A lot of familiar author names, Baldacci, Patterson, Jance, Collins, Rowling, etc. Jeff Kinney pretty much took the top 10 juvenile list, while Mo Willems did the same with the younger kids.

As I look back on 2016, I have focused on my library career. From being in school full time to working full time. It has kept me busy. I posted yesterday about how many novels I’ve written—since 2014 I haven’t written any! I started making changes in 2015 and started back to school, and then I’ve been pursuing the degree since. My position at the library changed, with added responsibilities. I also presented at two library conferences this year, including the ALA Annual conference in Orlando (my first time in Florida).

My health improved. That was a change that stuck, and continued to improve across the year.

New Year Plans

I’m going to put off posting about New Year Plans until tomorrow. After my break ends, I’m heading out to the Oakville Library. From there I’ll be busy with family tonight to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It’ll likely be a late night, so I’ll post more tomorrow.