Author's selfie I didn’t get up early today. I don’t tend to work Mondays (plus, today the library observes the holiday), and we didn’t have any plans to go anywhere. I got up just before 6 a.m. and went for my morning walk. It actually got light before I made it back home! That doesn’t happen often. It was cold, but not raining, so that was nice. I enjoy my Zombies, Run! walks. Eventually, I’ll move up to running. I’m not in a big hurry to do that.

Catching Up

I didn’t do anything major today. Watched some Black Mirror (watching second series now), worked in the yard a bit, did some coding, and basically took it easy.

Writing/Art Progress

Yesterday I wrapped up the story I was working on and put it aside. Today I mostly played with a concept for A.I., more a behind-the-scenes discussion of the technology. It might eventually work its way into a story.

I also spent some time painting a landscape in Corel Painter.

Daily words: 1,318 words
Monthly words: 3,404 words
Writing streak: 7 days
Drawing time: 20 minutes
Drawing Streak: 7 days