Author's selfieIt’s been a great day! Everyone woke up before me, and woke me up, which is quite a reversal! Usually, I’m the first person up. Not today.

I did take a short nap this afternoon, but I’m still tired. I also didn’t get in my walk today. Tomorrow, I plan to get back into walking.

The Elm Street shirt was a gift from my sweet wife, who knows me better than anyone. I’m also fortunate that I enjoyed a day with my loving family. Best wishes to everyone!

Happy Holidays!

Turn the lights out for this present from Ridley Scott.

The Aliens franchise remains a favorite. Looking forward to May! This looks like a good movie to go see in celebration for finishing my last semester of classes for my MLIS (I’ll finish up with my portfolio project in the Fall semester).

Writing/Art Progress

Unlike yesterday, I didn’t have a chance to write or practice drawing this morning. Instead, I waited until this evening and slipped away for a little bit to write and draw.

Daily words: 431 words
Monthly words: 2,0866 words
Writing streak: 6 days
Drawing time: 15 minutes
Drawing Streak: 6 days