It isn’t remarkable that I didn’t eat a turkey this year. We have plenty of vegetarians and vegans in the family that chose plant-based foods instead. Our family also includes omnivores who enjoyed traditional turkey and gravy. I’m thankful that we were together for Thanksgiving. We couldn’t all be together but I did enjoy dinner with my family, my parents, mother-in-law, and my brother’s family (including my adorable nephew for his first Thanksgiving).

I was also thankful because I’ve finished my Master of Library and Information Science program at San José State University. My professor signed off on my ePortfolio at the start of the month, a surprise because I expected I’d get requests for revisions and would be spending most of November working on those changes. Instead, I was just done!

Finishing the degree felt really weird. It has been an intense two years. I went back to school as a full-time student while continuing to work full time. School has occupied my thoughts more or less continuously over these past couple years. And then it’s just gone. Done. Even when I didn’t have classes over the summer it didn’t feel the same because I was still looking forward to the ePortfolio.

Now I’m turning my attention to other projects.

Last week I launched, a satirical site that is connected with another project, Capitol Day Care—a political satire comic I’m starting. It’s very different than other things that I’ve done but I’m having fun with the writing and the artwork.

I also started writing a nonfiction book for writers last week.

I updated my Massive Reboot board, in preparation for diving into those projects.

I started watching the lessons for Judy Blume’s Masterclass.

On Monday I will start writing short stories for an anthology workshop I’m attending in February.

I’ve had time to do some work around the house, to watch movies, TV shows (finally watched Westworld, currently deep into Punisher), and play some games. It is beginning to sink in that I’m done with school. It’ll probably feel more real when I have the degree in hand (Jan-Feb timeline).

I’m excited about the new year. I know I can’t do everything that I want to do, but it will be great to get some of those things done. That’s something to be thankful for!