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Trick or Treat! I’m giving away several of my spooky books this Halloween!

Specifically, I’m running a free e-book giveaway of my Dead Things and Goblin Alley books. It’ll take place over the next three weeks exclusively on Amazon. The first books in each series will be available for free on Monday, followed by the next books in the series on the 23rd and 30th. Each book will be available Mon-Fri each week.

Week 1 | Oct. 16-20 | Free Books

First up, the Dead Things series kicks off with Waking Dead Things.

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Ravyn Washington.

Ordinary high school teen worried about getting her driver’s license, dates and passing classes. Oh, and dead things.


Also, this week, plunge into Goblin Alley: The Bloodied Fang.

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Trouble starts for Dalton when monsters chase him down a New York alley and out into the goblin city — where the Goblin King puts a price on his head.

Week 2 | Oct. 23-27 | Free Books

The Dead Things series continues with Dreaming Dead Things.

Dreaming Dead Things Promotion

Dead things in high school? Bad. At college? Deadly!

Ravyn Washington’s secret? She wakes dead things. 


Return to Goblin Alley with The Eleven Lords.

The Eleven Lords promotion

Dalton Hicks, about to start college, meant to leave the goblin alleys behind and live a normal life safe from the powerful forces that nearly killed him the last time.

Week 3 | Oct. 30-Nov. 3 | Free Books

The spooky books giveaway wraps up with the final books in each series, including Killing Dead Things.

Killing Dead Things promotion

In Bramson Bay, Oregon, dead things stir and Ravyn must put them down.


Take a final journey into Goblin Alley: Trow Forge.

Trow Forge promotion

A college student. A natural born runner. A fierce upcoming competitor among ultra-runners. The goblin king’s chosen messenger gifted with the ability to navigate the shifting goblin alleys.

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    1. Thanks! I also enjoy print books, so these are available in trade paperback formats as well. Recommend that your local library purchase copies and you can read the print editions for free!

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