Author's selfieIs it cold season? [searches…] I guess so. It hit our house last week. For the first several days it seemed as if I’d escape unscathed. Not so sure now. Feeling a bit under the weather last night and today but it hasn’t gotten too bad. I’m sure the air quality isn’t helping anyone. At least right now, we’re in no danger from fires here. Like so many of us, I keep looking at the latest news of fires, hurricanes, persecutions, and tragedies around the world. Pretty grim right now. Against everything else, a cold seems a pretty minor thing.

Good News is Welcome

Cover art for Book Design Made SimpleOn one of my lists, a writer named Michael Lucas shared his recent news about new release sales. He keeps publishing and this latest release evidently tickled (sorry) his readers. Not only is it selling, but his backlist sales have increased too. It’s nice to see, particularly as I continue to work on my Massive Reboot. I’ve begun working through a very helpful book on designing books! Book Design Made Simple, provides a step-by-step guide to designing a book in InDesign. Though I’ve done this many times in the past, I’m still learning new things from reading this guide. As I work through it I’m working with the interior for Dark Matters.

I plan to work on the design and take my time with it before moving on to the cover design. I also need to spend time on illustration, so it’ll take quite a bit of time. I don’t expect to start releasing the reboot editions until next year.


The next couple months, pretty much through Thanksgiving, I’ve got to work on my iSchool e-Portfolio for my MLIS degree. I do plan to work on my other projects as time allows, but the e-Portfolio has to be the primary focus.

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