Author's selfieWashington is burning. So is Oregon. While other parts of the country flood, fires burn here. This morning, heading out to one of our libraries, I found ash dusting the car. It was obvious that the air quality wasn’t great, but I hadn’t anticipated ash actually falling on the car. After reading more news reports it looks like the ash is coming from the Norse Peak fire which has burned 20,000+ acres and is largely not contained.

Drive-By Stories

I’ve made an adjustment to Drive-By Stories, shifting it to a focus on ‘commute-length’ fiction rather than stories written while driving. I have a couple reasons. First, I don’t want to be a distracted driver. Yes, I’ve dictated hands-free, but thinking up a story does require attention. That means I’m likely not giving either the story or the driving the attention they deserve. I haven’t had any problems, but why take the risk? On top of that, I want to have the option to write stories at any time that I think will fit with the site. I wanted to make good use of my commute time, but on further reflection I think it is better not to combine the two activities.

MLIS Portfolio

I’m continuing to work on my portfolio. It is going well enough. Not as fast as I had planned, but okay.

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