Author's shelfieI made a sketchbook. Not the most remarkable creation, but one that brings me happiness. The whole point behind it is to encourage me to draw every day and do so in a small space. The book starts with September 1st and runs through November 30th, covering the meterological Fall season. At the end of each month is a monthly calendar and a space to write some reflections about the month.

One of the key features is the streak box. That’s a small box in the lower left corner where I keep track of how many days in a row that I’ve created a drawing. The book (actually the proof) didn’t arrive until today so I couldn’t actually start on the 1st. I plan, however, to start today and continue drawing each day in the book. It’s a simple journal, one I’ve created primarily because I wanted an inexpensive sketchbook. If anyone is interested in a copy, it’s available through my e-store now and should be on Amazon shortly.

I’d consider this a first iteration on the sketchbook concept. I’ve created additional files for upcoming seasons and plan to refine those and begin to make them available in advance of each season. Again, mostly just because I want them for myself but there’s no reason not to make them available to others.

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