Author's selfieI am continuing my 5K training with the Zombies, Run!: 5K training app. It’s almost like having a personal coach to encourage and guide you in training. Almost, but it isn’t customized based on your own personal biometrics and data. I can see a time coming when that would be the case. Fitbit’s new ionic watch might be a step in that direction. Or one of the other devices. I also use a Fitbit (the One, an older device). I could see Zombies, Run! evolve to the point where people can play as zombies or runners in a sort of augmented reality. Maybe in zombie mode, you trigger proximity alerts for runners/walkers. A hot/cold sort of system could mean that zombies target in on runners/walkers. Just ideas, I have no idea what the creators will actually do in the future.

Drive-By Stories Update

Have you taken a look at Drive-By Stories yet? I’m writing stories while driving (all hands-free!). It’s as if you’re riding in the car with me and I’m making up a story as we go. Later, after the computer transcribes the recording, I’m using that as the first draft. I redraft and post the final version on the site. Road trippers who subscribe on Patreon get early access to stories, recordings, writing files, and other goodies. After the stories are posted on Patreon they are released on Drive-By Stories under a CC BY SA license. I recently posted another new story to the site, Lunch Date. I also created an RSS feed and a mailing list.

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