Author's selfieAfter months of thinking about it, I’ve finally launched Drive-By Stories, my ongoing project where I write short stories while driving. Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, or any other story that comes to mind. I make them up as I go, telling the story out loud and recording it on a digital recorder. Then I use computer software to transcribe the recording in order to create the first draft of the story. I put the draft in one window and redraft in the other.

I release stories on Drive-By Stories under a CC BY SA license. Enjoy!

Patrons on Patreon

If you want more access, subscribe on Patreon. Costs as little as $1/month. You set the pledge amount per story, billed each month (with any cap you want). But you only pay if I deliver! Subscribers get access to the stories before anyone else. At higher tier levels you can choose to get the original recordings, behind-the-scenes posts, writing files, and even receive collectible e-book and digital audio editions.

I’m curious to hear what you think? Do the pledge levels seem reasonable? Are the rewards interesting? I enjoy creating and sharing these stories. I’m curious if you’re interested in the additional content. Let me know in the comments, or on Patreon!

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