Author's selfie I’ve made some progress despite this day not turning out as I’d expected. I didn’t get the best start when I woke at 2 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. I read for a while, eventually ate a snack, tried sleeping again, and may have dozed off a bit. By 6 AM I gave up. I headed out for a walk and a bit of Zombies, Run! 5K training. When I finished I kept walking. It rained last night and it was lovely. I wandered over 7 kilometers. I picked black berries. It was very nice except that I have problems with an old hernia repair when I overdo exercise. It became quite painful.

Soon after we headed out to do errands and shopping. The additional walking again aggravated the pain. Plus, I hadn’t stopped for breakfast this morning. None of this did much for my mood. And then things got worse.

Tragic News

I don’t want to talk about the news I received, except to say it was tragic, unexpected, and hit trigger points. I suffer from depression. For the most part, I usually feel like I have it under control. Maybe that’s an illusion. I wanted to pull up the covers and restart the day. Distracting myself with TV didn’t work. I tried playing a game and the batteries in the controller needed to be charged. Finally, I attempted to nap.

None of that worked.

Support and Productivity Treatment

I talked to Kate. Her support has always been critical for me. It helps. Finally, since doing nothing wasn’t working, I decided to try doing something. I edited the introduction video for my Patreon page and uploaded it. You can see it here before the page launches and tell me what you think.

I edited the cover image I’ve been using on Drive-By Stories, resized it and fixed the background. It isn’t the image I had in mind, but for now, I’m just going with the image I have. I’ll change it when I have a new image to use. I also added an actual link on the pricing page. And I started working on this post. Doing something is good. It can help. Doing something you love makes a difference.

StarCraft: Remastered

Tomorrow is the release day for StarCraft: Remastered. I’ve been waiting for this since before the original announcement. I’ve been looking forward to it, planning to play through the original campaigns once again. Despite how I’m feeling at the moment, I’m still planning to play tomorrow. It will help.

I’ll be back at work on Tuesday as my Drive-By Stories Patreon page launches. I’m going to hopefully be adding additional content throughout the week before my vacation starts on the 19th.

Watching You Sleep

Right now, through the 15th, you can download Watching You Sleep by Kate N. Ryan for free at Amazon. This is a fun romantic comedy about an insomniac comic book store owner and a narcoleptic steampunk writer. Enjoy.

Comic book store-owner Abigail “Abby” Kirkman believes her life complete. She runs a successful business, has a fantastic studio apartment above her store, and lives in a picturesque sea-side town. Life is perfect unless you count the insomnia, and the fact that her last boyfriend dumped her to take a promotion in another city. So a few little bumps, but nothing she can’t handle.

Abby’s life turns upside down when she discovers Jasper Lee, a steampunk author, asleep in the superhero aisle. Suffering from the rare disorder narcolepsy, Jasper falls asleep unexpectedly and large surges of emotion can trigger a cataplectic attack — causing the loss of muscle tone and collapse.

Can she risk loving someone who might collapse from a kiss?



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