Author's selfieI’m officially launching Drive-By Stories on August 15th! The site has been live for quite a while as I’ve been working on it. Most of the pieces are in place now.

What is Drive-By Stories?

If you haven’t been following along, Drive-By Stories is my flash fiction project. Short stories written while driving. Hands-free. I tell the stories from scratch during my commute. A digital recorder captures it. The recording is transcribed on the computer and I use that transcribed copy as my first draft. The goal has always been to put up a lot of stories. Maybe not every day, but at least a few per week.

Screen capture of the webpage


Along with the official launch, I’m also launching the Patreon page that goes with Drive-By Stories. All of the content on the Drive-By Stories website is free. The stories are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Before the stories go live on the site I plan to share them with Patreon subscribers. Patreon subscribers also can get access to the original recordings of the stories as I make them up from scratch. Or e-books and chances to participate in setting the direction of the site. Road trippers pledge per story and can set a monthly cap at whatever level they want. So someone pledging $1 per story with a monthly cap of $1 still gets access to that tier whether I write one story or thirty!

Screen capture of Patreon page

Launch Details

What needs to happen for the launch?

  • Post current stories to the Patreon page as public examples of the sort of work that I create. Done
  • Edit my welcome video and add it to the page. Done
  • Develop a social media schedule to announce the launch.
  • Set up a mailing list on the Drive-By Stories site. Done
  • Create a new cover image. (Which is scary because I’m not sure I’m ready. That’s okay. I’m going to do it anyway.) 
  • Set up my speaking engagements page up with details about booking me for speaking gigs. May not make launch.
  • Add a couple audio recordings as well to the Patreon page, so it’s clear what you’ll get if pledging at that tier (Shotgun tier $2/story).
  • Create images for each tier level and additional graphics for the site.
  • Promote launch and follow up in the next few weeks with new Patreon-exclusive content.

Launch Goals

For the launch, I want to keep my goals clear and specific to things that are in my control. That means completing things on the list above. I’m keeping the pledge amounts low, so $5/month (with the Souvenir Collector tier and a monthly cap of $5) is enough for someone to get everything. Stories, writing files, recordings, e-book, and additional content. The stories will end up on the website under a CC license. I have goals on the Patreon page for the number of subscribers. That’s a goal out of my control. I can do everything that I have planned and still not reach my subscriber goals. And then I can try something else. Keep creating and sharing my work.

Creative Commons License
This blog post by Ryan M. Williams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.