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Author's selfie I enjoyed helping out at the Montesano Timberland Library this week. Even though the library is cool, I think the heatwave discouraged people from going out to even get to the library today. It has been pretty quiet, but that has given me time to work on some other projects of mine. I’m working with some other library folks to look at our data and get a clearer view of what happens in the library. For instance, today I spent some time looking at circulation transactions to see how aisle width might impact access to materials.

I find all of this fascinating. And ultimately the goal is to make the library experience better for people using the library.

Fall Semester

In three weeks I start my final semester at the SJSU iSchool. No more classes. I’ll be working on finishing my e-portfolio to demonstrate mastery in the core competencies defined by the program. I’ve already started work organizing and developing the platform. The deadline is November 20th. After that, there isn’t much else to do. I’ll have essentially three months to complete the e-portfolio while working with my faculty advisor.

Massive Reboot Update

A key element of my Massive Reboot project isn’t only the relaunch of twenty-two novels—it is creating the illustrations needed for covers, websites, and interior artwork. It’s the visual design of everything! Obviously, for the next few months, I need to make sure I’m getting the e-portfolio done. Given that, and given that I need to get my artwork to a level I am happy with, I’m going to focus on illustration.

Lots of drawing. Lots of painting.

Sharing My Progress

I plan to share my progress on my artwork, but I’m not setting any particular goal at this point. I’m working through lessons and studies right now. If I do something that I feel like sharing then I’ll post it. As I get closer to creating the new cover art for the reboot novels I’ll share that as well.

Genre Stickers

On my Massive Reboot Trello board, I’ve noted my plan to use genre stickers (once I create them) in the design of the new covers rather than using pen names. Although the cover art and other elements should tip readers off about the book, I think the iconic stickers will make it easier to distinguish one type of book from another.

Drive-By Stories and Other Projects

I’m going to continue to work on Drive-By Stories as well. I want to have more stories and I want to create the pulp-inspired covers for the site. Along with Drive-By Stories I plan to relaunch my Patreon page soon. It gives interested road trippers options for additional content through subscriptions, while the stories continue to be posted to the site under a CC BY SA license (like this post, see below).

I have numerous other projects I want to work on from website and app development to library advocacy projects. I also want to set up a booking calendar for speaking engagements. Until I finish the e-portfolio, however, I have to balance my time. Right now I think my artwork and Drive-By Stories will be the main projects. I am also reading and planning for additional novels—2018 is going to be an epic year!

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