Author's selfieQuiet day today at work. I’m writing policy and procedural documents today. We’ve made a number of changes aimed at making it easier for people to use the library. The policy gives us a new heading, but entering the new course, sticking to it, and getting the whole big ship to turn, that takes some work! It’s fun, though, and has an impact that you can see when your plans work out. It might not look as exciting as SpaceX (below), but libraries have a key role to play in our communities.


Love this! It’s great seeing the excitement in the crowd. And that Musk ran outside to see the launch and landing of the first stage with his own eyes.

Writing/Art Progress

I worked on the new story a bit more today.

Daily words: 479 words
Monthly words: 1,113 words
Writing streak: 3 days
Drawing time: 45 minutes
Drawing Streak: 3 days