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Author's selfieI’m keeping this one short. It’s been a long day and I’m quite tired at the moment. Listening to Eddie Izzard’s biography today has been both fun and enlightening. Particularly the section where he talks about being a street performer. Today the Internet has become the new street.

Internet Street Performer

Writers, musicians, artists, and other performers discover audiences and create venues online now. The work I’m doing with my Massive Reboot and Drive-By Stories is street performance work. I’m out there, sharing my work, looking for that audience that will give me a bit of their attention. Some might even chuck a few dollars into the hat. When I relaunch my Patreon page soon, I’ll have options for the audience to subscribe for more access and material. It’d be great to have a few folks subscribe, even at the start.

Eddie Izzard describes his approach to actual street performance, to the culture in that time and place. Amanda Palmer described her experience as a living statue similarly. Now all sorts of performers are finding their audiences online. It’s an exciting time!

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