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This isn’t a post about god (because god doesn’t exist), it’s a post about Eddie Izzard. I didn’t know about Eddie Izzard until sometime around 2000-2001, shortly after the Dress to Kill show because the first time I saw anything was a recording of that show at a classmate’s house while getting my first graduate degree.

I found it hilarious, in the laughing so hard I cried meaning. Or what some would call the pee your pants sort of laughter, except I don’t have that problem. My bladder says, “Excuse me, we need to wee.” And I say, “No you don’t.” “Oh, okay, I thought we did, but you must be right.” So what if it is a thirteen-hour flight. I don’t want to have to get up and use the airplane toilet. My bladder can keep its opinions to itself.

So Izzard’s comedy shattered my funny bone and I went home to share the discovery with Kate and she also found it funny (because we are very much alike), and probably did have to pause to listen to her bladder. And today we still go around saying things like “cake or death?” Or, “Covered in bees!” Or, “La souris est en dessous de la table.”

Watching Dress to Kill led to watching other shows over the years. I’ve never seen Eddie Izzard perform live because, you know, crowds of people really aren’t my favorite thing and I haven’t been anywhere where he was performing. I might have made an except to the crowds issue if he had (and I realized it was happening).

Believe Me

Believe Me cover artAs it turns out, the biography Believe Me came out recently. And I did see something about it on Audible before the release and immediately added it to my wish list. Eddie Izzard’s “memoir of love, death, and jazz chickens” sounded terrific. Brilliant.

I did learn shortly after I started listening to the book that this was in a sense a companion to the film BelieveThis was news to me because I’d completely missed that the film existed.

Of course, now that I know, I’ll watch the film too after I finish the book. This is one of the books which is probably fantastic to read, but it reaches a new level being read by Eddie Izzard. No one else could have been the narrator, of course, it had to be him. And it is hilarious, but so much more than that, including sad, moving and inspiring.

Highly recommended!