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Author's selfieI’ve been working on Drive-By Stories this past week. I was excited to see the news about Galaxy Magazine on The collection includes 355 issues from 1950-1976. Each issue can be read online or downloaded in a variety of formats including PDF scans (lovely for the artwork and correct text) and .mobi (Kindle) format. The OCR conversion isn’t without errors but I find that I can read past those without too much trouble.

Cover art Galaxy Magazine

I’ll be reading issues! I’ve started with the October 1950 issue. It kicks off with Clifford D. Simak’s Time Quarry serialized novel.

Drive-By Stories

My focus this last week has been mostly on Drive-By Stories. Much of the work has been behind the scenes and style tweaks, including switching to a two-column view for the stories.

Screen capture of Drive-By Stories

The site is functional now. Not finished, there’s still much to do. The artwork is a default placeholder that will be replaced with story artwork once I get that created. I plan to replace the default image too with something else.

I’ve created the site so that it’s easy to add new stories using a flat file method rather than a database. I’ll continue to refine and improve that structure as time allows. Right now it works, I added a new story titled “Go Ahead, Indulge” yesterday. I have several other transcribed drafts to work on as well.

Librarian Portfolio

Yesterday I also put up an empty placeholder site for my portfolio at I’ll be developing that over the next month before the semester starts on August 23rd. I want to have the site functional and ready to go by then. Now that Drive-By Stories is working, I plan to shift my attention more to the portfolio project.

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