Author's selfieI’m building the future! I started my Massive Reboot project this summer. Though that is focused on my novels and collections, I’m tackling other projects as part of the wider development of my creative future. Including Drive-By Stories. I thought it’d be interesting to do a post covering some of my projects and the associated Trello boards. Some of these are still in the earliest stages!

Massive Reboot

It doesn’t look like I’ve made much progress on the Massive Reboot project if you’re looking at the Trello board. This board has multiple columns for the stages each book will go through for this project.

Massive Reboot Trello board
Looks are deceiving

I do haveĀ Dark Matters moved over to a couple columns and have some done work on the metadata for the project. The real work which doesn’t show on the board is related more to studying and improving my skills in areas like graphic design and illustration. Not to say that I can’t work on these earlier elements. It’ll just take the time it’s going to take.

Drive-By Stories

I’ve posted recently about Drive-By Stories. It’s the project I’ve spent the most time on these past few weeks.

Drive-By Stories Trello board
More activity here

The board follows a pretty basic format with elements being developed, scheduled, in progress, and done. I need to add some updates for next steps!

Librarian Portfolio

This is about to move to the top of my list! I need to work on my ePortfolio project for my MLIS degree. I’ve used Trello extensively throughout my time getting this degree. It’s been fantastic!

Portfolio Trello board
These lists are about to fill up!

Studies, and Other Boards

I have a bunch of other Trello boards I use for different projects, some which I’m not ready to announce yet!

Writing and Art Board

Among other things, I have boards that cover my studies in writing and art, coding, and home projects. Many of the projects build on each other, studies in one place contributes to progress in another way.

It keeps me busy, and Trello keeps me organized!

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