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Author's selfieI’ve enjoyed a productive day. A lot of task switching, but I’ve alternated tasks in the house with working on tasks outside. I have a battery-powered string trimmer and I’ve been using it to hack down our overgrown backyard in preparation for a project. When the battery is exhausted I put it back in the charger and work on something else inside. Today that included cleaning out a closet and reorganizing some books (still work to be done).

Patreon Page

Patreon makes it easy for people to get paid by those who enjoy their work, providing a regular monthly income. I’m setting up a new page focused on my Drive-By Stories project. I spent more time today working on the page.

Screen capture of Patreon Page
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The page is available to preview now. Let me know if you see things that need fixes. I’ve got to work on some graphics for the page and an introduction video. Once that’s done (or close to done), I’ll set a launch date. By then I plan to have more stories up on Drive-By Stories. My initial goal is 100 patrons. Eventually, I’d like to work up to ~1,000 patrons. It’d be terrific to have that many people engaged with these stories.

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