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Author's selfieAfter errands this morning, I spend time working on Drive-By Stories to implement some of the basic functionality I wanted in the site. The plan all along has been to set up a structure that made it easy to add new stories to the site without having to do anything to get them working with the site. Basically, just upload and it would work. I also wanted the site to randomly load a story on the main page, as well as randomly populate the featured title list on the cover. And randomly change the adjective used on the site. And automatically populate the story index. Change the date.

I want the site interactive, yet simple to modify and maintain. Eventually, I want the cover image to change along with the story—once I’ve actually created cover images. I’ll have a default (other than the one I’m using now) image.

Much of that basic functionality is working now. Each time the site loads it randomly picks the titles, story, and adjective. The issue date should update. The story index populates itself, and yet each story still has a permalink.

Screencapture of Drive-By Stories
Screen capture Drive-By Stories 2017-07-09

Responsive and Accessible

The site needs additional work, particularly in the responsiveness and accessibility features. I’ll keep working on those. I’ve built the site with an eye to responsiveness and mobile use. It works somewhat but could be much better.

Next Steps

I have a number of things left to do with the site. I’ll likely keep tweaking it for quite a while. Coming up on my list:

  • Complete work on donation/support options.
  • Add social links.
  • Add Twitter cards.
  • Improve metadata for stories.
  • Create cover illustrations!
  • Address responsive/mobile issues.
  • Address accessibility issues.

And write more stories! I’ve dictated a couple more stories this past week. I’m adding ideas each day to my journal. I’ve found that using the Post-It notes to get the idea down and provide a reminder has helped me focus. My new Post-Its arrive yesterday and will give me much more room comfortably record my ideas.

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