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Author's selfieI’m setting up ways for interested readers to support releasing my creations under the CC BY SA license. Right now my focus has been on getting Drive-By Stories set up and with writing new stories. I’m planning to set up a few different options for people to support my work. Buying copies will remain an option. Even if the story or book is available for free, sometimes it’s worth paying for the convenience or for a physical copy. Or access to additional material.


I’ve used Patreon before without result. I’d like to think that I’ve learned some things since that first attempt. I’m redoing my Patreon page with that in mind and with the focus on Drive-By Stories. It doesn’t take all that many supporters to make a big difference. I’d love to see more people reading the stories and interacting. I guess we’ll see! I’ll post more once the site goes live.

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