Author's self-portraitI’m actually in the office today. I needed to catch up on some work. Even though I can work when I’m out in the libraries, it is harder to get some things done. My focus in the library is on people and people take time. It’s great, but paperwork also takes time.

Happy Winter Solstice! offers an article with information about the solstice. “No matter where you live on Earth’s globe, a solstice is your signal to celebrate.”

I agree! This time of the year, I’m much more likely to celebrate the solstice than anything else. I love that the days will get longer from here. In my family, we do celebrate Christmas despite being a bunch of atheists, though it is more a matter of growing up in this culture than anything else. At least the solstice makes for a good reason to celebrate.

900 Seconds

For my drawing streak, I’m restarting my 900 seconds (15 minutes) project. The goal is simple. Spend 900 seconds drawing each day. I can do more, but I’m going to aim for that much. It means taking a 15-min break and drawing. I believe I can find at least that much time.

General Purpose Computing

Wil Wheaton posted about general purpose computing.

Want to get into the guts of it and hack the hardware to do something nifty? You got it! You owned that computer, in every way that mattered, because it was General Purpose, and was able to do whatever you wanted it to do.

He talks about the neat things that can be done with a Raspberry Pi. I’m just getting started with the tech, having bought a Kano kit to build with my son. I think there is tremendous benefits to this sort of technology. It makes everything much more visible instead of hiding everything from view.

Cover art for Information Doesn't Want to be FreeWil also recommends Cory Doctorow’s Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free, which Wil narrated for the audiobook edition. I loved this book and highly recommend it. This is exactly the sort of thing that librarians should be bringing to our communities.

Writing/Art Progress

I wrote a new story opening today during lunch. I think I’ll stick with this one and see where it takes me. It’s nice getting some words written.

Daily words: 327 words
Monthly words: 634 words
Writing streak: 2 days
Drawing time: 15 minutes
Drawing Streak: 2 days