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Author's selfieMy idea of a fun weekend? Staying home and getting things done that I wanted to do today. I worked outside on projects in the yard, I finished listening to Redshirts, walked, scheduled the next story to post, and spent time working on my reboot project.

And I’ve been tracking new streaks using the Loop Habit Tracker app.

Streak Tracking App

The Loop Habit Tracker app makes it easy to track habits and provides various visualizations of your progress.

App screenshotApp screenshot

The app is free, open source, and easy to use. I’ve only used it the past couple days but found it easy to figure out.

I don’t have any particular goals for each habit. Just doing them each day is enough. I’ll make more progress just making the time to work on each. I may add a few more after I see how I’m doing on my progress with the habits already listed. I’ve meditated for nearly 300 days without fail (but haven’t been tracking it in the app until now).

Massive Reboot update

I spent some time today on the Massive Reboot. I started working on Dark Matters, the first book in the Moreau Society series. I assigned an ISBN and filled in some other metadata in my account and in a document I can refer to as I work on the book.

Massive Reboot Trello Board

While working on the Trello board I realized that sometimes books will need to be in multiple columns. I did a quick mock-up placeholder image for the cover for each card. As I get further in the project it’ll be easier to see where each book is in the process.

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