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Author's selfieI’m usually busy learning. I have stacks of books. A long playlist on And, of course, my studies at SJSU.

One of my goals is to achieve a deeper level of understanding of various software projects. I posted the other day about learning JavaScript. Today, I’m going through a short course on on Adobe Spark. I’ve been using it, and find it pretty easy to use. It’s limited in some ways. Obviously, using other products gives more control, but it’s quick and easy to use. I usually pick up at least a few things in any of the courses. With this course, I learned how several things, including how to mask text. I knew it was possible (several of the designs included transparent text) but I hadn’t worked out that it just took an extra click on the shape. And I learned that you can drag and drop sections in the layout.

Drive-By Stories

I spent five days last week dictating during my morning commutes. I worked on a new story titled Strange Neighbors. It’s not done. I have a very rough and incomplete draft. I’ll start working on it soon.

Today I worked on the website. I’ve made a number of changes since the other day, including stories that I’ve already written. I haven’t implemented the random story on the main page yet, but it’s still progress. For a cover image, I added a self-portrait image. Not entirely what I want, but effective for a place-holder image.

Screen capture of Drive-By Stories
Drive-By Stories as of 2017-06-26

The stories are all accessible now. I don’t have very many yet! As I spend more time creating stories on my morning commute I hope to be adding much more in the weeks ahead.

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