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Author's selfie I’m learning more JavaScript. I’ve used a little JavaScript in the past, covered a bit in my courses, but I’m far from experienced with the language. I’m working on it at the moment to apply to some of the projects I have in progress, including Drive-By Stories.

Screenshot of Drive-By Stories
Drive-By Stories, as it currently appears

Development Plans

I have a lot of plans for the site. Initially, I set it up using the Grav CMS before deciding that I wanted to develop the site myself. There are good reasons when it comes to saving time to use an existing CMS. Why create something myself? Because it’s fun. And it’ll teach me about design, JavaScript, and so much more.

I want to work on getting the basic functionality done first. That means the site will randomly load a story when visited. It’ll be easy for me to add additional stories without having to recode the site. Each story will also have a permalink that loads that specific story, allowing people to link to and share specific stories.

Likewise, I eventually want to have the cover generate randomly from a selection of cover images. I want it easy for me to add additional images.

It should be responsive and accessible.

Simple! Stripped down to the minimum, and then features added as needed.

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