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Author's selfieToday was day 3 of dictating to myself during my morning commute. That’s day 3 of this current streak. One of the things I thought about this morning was that I won’t be dictating on the weekends. Just my morning commute at this point. I also have audiobooks I want to listen to, so I’m saving my other drives for that period.


Yesterday I signed up for BritBox. It has classic Doctor Who, reason enough to sign up. Plus many other shows. Maybe not everything I’d like, but enough to keep me busy.

I already started watching a show I hadn’t seen before, Inside No. 9. It’s an interesting, dark and twisty sort of show.

Drive-By Stories

I started a new story this morning on my commute. I didn’t finish it. I’m not sure if I will or not. I had fun working on it in any case. Here’s a sample of the transcription.

Strange neighbors

Alarmed squawks and cries from the chicken napped head and he turned looking towards the back door. The chicken squawks of alarm grew more frantic, panic. Something was after 10.
Neil shoved the chair back 10 belted's fastest shuffling walk towards the back door. Spike of pain strum through his right knee. He ignored it. Stepping into the mud room and then into rubber boots. Cries of the chicken out side
"hurry up you'll locker!" Quote Neil shoved right foot firmly down into the boot. Snatched his walking stick from where it leaned against the wall. And with his left hand grabbed the doorknob and wrenched it up.

It needs work (obviously). The transcription is only a rough first draft! The software does a better job under ideal conditions. Driving, with car noises, the rough road, and the rest isn’t ideal conditions. It’s enough to get me started on the next draft at least.

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