Author's self-portrait Today’s plans ended up in flux. I started off the day with a pretty clear idea of what I planned to do. I was going to work in the Montesano Timberland Regional Library, but then staffing issues meant that I ended up going to the Oakville Timberland Regional Library so we could open the library. Flexibility in this job is important—things do change! Even if it doesn’t feel that way sometimes.

Blade Runner 2049

Excited! Although I have a suspicion that Decker will get impaled and fall into a pit.

Writing/Art Progress

I did spend a little time today and wrote about a page. I don’t know if I’ll use what I wrote in anything. I sketched and messed around with different brushes too, getting in some time drawing.

Daily words: 307 words
Monthly words: 307 words
Writing streak: 1 day
Drawing time: 30 minutes
Drawing Streak: 1 day