Author's selfieFather’s Day ended up busy, fun, productive, and included a bit of drama. The day was full. My parents came over for dinner, just back from a trip. It was great to see them again. After dinner we watched the new Beauty & the Beast. Then the real drama started. My son had plans for a Minecraft video to do together and it was too late. That ended in a meltdown. Fortunately, we did make time today to create the video.

Plans Change

The hard thing for him was changing plans. He had it as a plan. When we get plans set in our heads it gains a weight like an anchor. As if we can’t get away from it. For some of us it’s really hard to set that aside once we’ve picked it up. We planned it. It’s not so easy to set aside even though it was our decision to pick it up in the first place.

Why is that?

If we picked it up, why can’t we put it down? Make a new plan?

Today I worked on the Massive Reboot board a bit, creating cards for the various novels.

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