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Today I started taking a few small steps into the future. Not much. I started work on a new library-related website. I plan for it to start small and build it over time. It’s one piece, one project out of many projects. It’s fun.

Afternoon Notes

This was written during my afternoon break at work. A few short notes.

I’m sitting on my stool beside the Deschutes River. A large mallard glides upstream along the opposite shore. Here it is the sounds of bird calls. The gentle murmur of the river. And still the constant to and fro of car noises on the not so distant road. Cottonwood seeds drift in the air all around me and the river. I’ve set up my stool just past a pile of rocks above the river below, just off the main gravel trail. Up until now, my break has remained undisturbed by others, but just now I’ve heard voices downstream. I don’t know if they’re heading this way or not.

I wanted to get away from work. Away from the noise of the road out front. To some place a bit more peaceful. This qualifies. I don’t normally go anywhere on my breaks but today I decided to go ahead. Clouds as fluffy as the seeds float overhead, alternating shadow and sunlight.The air is warm without being hot.

My mood today has been a bit subdued. I blame my brain. The depression that lurks in the folds and twists of my gray matter. Most of the time I don’t feel it. I used to. Not often now. It helps to know that it is nothing more than my brain. It isn’t me.

I don’t have a connection here. I’m using Novlr offline to see how that works. If this entry gets lost, that’s fine. It isn’t anything that I need to keep.

I want to start reviewing stories to send out to markets. The stories I’ve written more recently. I want to work on my sites. On all sorts of things. Right now, however, I need to get back to work.

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