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I sat outside today beneath the trees under partly cloudy skies. It’d be nicer if there wasn’t all of the car noise from the road (police going by right now with sirens and lights). Mostly it’s the constant rushing noises. You can almost imagine that it’s the sound of waves or water. I still hear the sounds of birds, see squirrels, and feel the breeze. It’s a perfect temperature today. And I’m close enough to the building to still get the Wi-Fi signal.

Ukulele Practice

I’ve wanted to learn to play the ukulele since listening to Amanda Palmer’s book The Art of Asking. It wasn’t the only thing that I took away from the book. It also influenced my thinking in regards to using the CC license on my work. Plus it’s fascinating. Palmer challenges assumptions and makes me think about what I want to do.

And she has fun with the ukulele! It was the “Ukulele Anthem” that convinced me to give it a shot.

“Stop pretending art is hard!”

Lots of fun!

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