Author's self-portrait The day started out dark and stormy. Xander and I went out to take a walk this morning and quickly turned back. Later, after the weather improved, we went out again and took a walk when it wasn’t so stormy and wasn’t raining.

Rest Day

Cover art for Suicide SquadI took today as a rest day. I played StarCraft II with Xander watching. I actually took a nap at one point. And Kate and I finally took some time to watch Suicide Squad, the extended edition. We hadn’t been able to find the time until now. It follows on the heels of Batman vs. Superman and sets up another link to the upcoming Justice League movie. I enjoyed the movie. This new line of DC movies is dark (I still prefer the CW TV series), but I’m enjoying this take on the characters too. The movie had a slower pace than I’d expected, and I haven’t enjoyed this series as much as the Marvel movies.

Cover art for Chanur's HomecomingI also finished The Kif Strike Back by C.J. Cherryh (one of my favorite series in her universe), and plan to start Chanur’s Homecoming next. The cover on this one is by Michael Whelan, known for many science fiction and fantasy covers, and one of my favorite illustrators. So many terrific books have Whelan covers! Yet another example of the sort of covers that I’d like to see on my own books (except I want to do my own illustrations). I don’t know if I’ll ever be that good, but just as with my writing, I plan to keep trying.

Writing/Art Progress

I posted my story The Light of Another Star earlier and wrote this post. Other than that I didn’t practice writing or drawing. I spent some time working on my Trello board for next semester, adding the details from the syllabi. That was the most productive thing I did today. It was apparently a day when I needed to rest.

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