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Sometimes things sound like a good idea. And it might not even be a bad idea, just not what you need to do right now. I realized today that the daily challenges I’d been tackling were that sort of thing. Yes, I plan to write. I plan to draw. I have lots of things I want to do.

I just don’t want deadlines right now.

I had a conversation today about the tension that accompanies being back in school. Once it sinks its claws in, it doesn’t want to let go. I’d finished up classes and rather than relaxing, I immediately added on daily challenges.

Not what I need to do right now. I’ll continue to pursue my creative efforts—without deadlines. Or production goals. Right now I want to work on it when I feel like it and be kind to myself.

I didn’t feel good today. I felt sick and left work early. I rested, napped, watched some Walking Dead (I hadn’t been watching while in school). I also watched The Visit. Not the worst (or best). The found footage style felt forced.

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