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My schedule is a bit different today. Tonight is the Timberland Regional Library Board of Trustees meeting in Aberdeen. Tonight has a focus on Grays Harbor, the county including five libraries that I oversee as District Manager. Since I’m working later today I’m not starting as early.

Sketch Challenge

Today's sketchesThis morning I continued the Schoolism course on gesture drawing with lesson 2 Shape. I switched back to using my notebook and pen for this exercise and just scanned in the pages when I was done. Since I ended up with several pages I decided to animate the image (click thumbnail to see the animated version). The lesson uses video of a model changing her pose every 20 seconds or so. It’s great practice.

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge ArtworkI squeezed in writing exercises today, studying the structure of a short story. I plan to start a new story tomorrow that follows the same structure. Writing to a specific structure is a bit like writing a sonnet or other structured piece of writing. There are all sorts of fun things you can do with this sort of thing. Bruce Holland Rogers talked about several different fixed forms in his columns on Flash Fiction Online. I’m planning to write a 21 paragraph story.

Breaking that down a bit more:

  • Beginning: Paragraphs 1-4
  • Middle: Paragraphs 5-13
  • Ending: Paragraphs 14-21

Obviously writing to a fixed form like this pushes a writer more toward a critical mindset. I don’t normally write this way, but it’s fun to try things out and try it in different ways. Fun is the key. I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

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