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We’re having really nice weather this week! Warm, sunny days. The sort of day to get outside on my lunch break and sit under a tree. It’d be better without the traffic passing by, but it’s still nice.

My son has John Denver hair.

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge ArtworkI used my time outside to finish writing a new short story, Exile by Starlight. It isn’t a long story, under 2,000 words. I’ll leave it a few days at least and then take another look at it before sending it out to a magazine market. I’d like to try at least a few markets. It’s time to get back into the habit of submitting stories to magazines. I also need to start working on new stories for Drive-By Stories. I have a basic site back up. I have much more to do with it!

Sketch Challenge

I continued my gesture drawing practice today, sketching action lines from Spartacus. I plan to move on to the next lesson on shape after this. I’m enjoying the gesture class. Right now I plan to focus on it and then return to the introduction to digital painting class after I finish working on this one. Schoolism offers many courses that I want to work on in the weeks and months ahead.

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