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Today felt like summer. I spent part of the day outside, working on taming the overgrown area behind our house. We’re using a temporary fence to enclose an area and plan to clear it and begin replanting. All things that I haven’t had time to do since going back to school. I put up the fence today and worked a bit on cutting some of the grass. There is still a lot to do!

Sketch Challenge Update

Today's sketchI switched to Mischief today and continued the Schoolism lesson in the gesture drawing class. Control is a bit more difficult. I started out with the ‘pen’ tool and then switched to a blue ‘pencil’ part way through. That seemed to give me a bit more control. Mischief’s infinite canvas makes it easy to simply move around as you need more space.

Writing Challenge Update

Writing Challenge ArtworkI posted Swarm Think earlier. Trying to get back on track with posting my stories. It won’t be all that much longer before I run out of stories to post. I’m writing more, but I’m not going to try to keep writing a story each week. I’m focusing on my easier goal of just writing 500 words per day. I haven’t been writing much fiction for the past two years, so I need to get back into the habit. That’s my focus right now.

Today I continued the story I started yesterday, adding another 538 words.

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