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Saw this today.

I really like the movie. I think the people in these movies tend to be pretty stupid. No attempt to survey from orbit, let’s just jump in a lander and plunge down to a planet without any clue what we’ll face. Setting that aside, I still think these are fun and this is one of the better movies in the franchise.

Sketch Challenge

Sketch challengeSo I restarted my sketch challenge today. I’ve started the Gesture Drawing with Alex Woo course over on Schoolism. They’re having a sale right now, until June 20th, BLOOM saves you on a subscription. Great courses. I worked through the first three videos in Lesson 1 today. It included a 20-minute session introducing the action line in the model’s pose. I actually used pen and paper for this one and then took pictures to upload.

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge ArtworkI jumped over on Novlr and started a new short story today, restarting my new writing challenge. I didn’t write a whole lot. Started with a character in a situation, with a problem. I still have some unanswered questions about what is going on, but maybe I’ll start to figure that out. I ended up with 511 words on the story today.

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