Author's self-portrait Busy day! Off work today. We ran errands, then went to a baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law. That was fun! Family, good vegan food, and a celebration of the new addition to our family. Plus Xander and my nieces played well together with a less of the insanity that sometimes occurs when they get together!

More Power!

The new computer works so well! Applications, pages, and the computer loads so quickly. I’d gotten so used to how slow the old computer was that I didn’t realize how much it struggled. I coped for a long time with it barely running the programs. I mentioned it yesterday, but each day I’m reminded again how different it is.

In particular, it was great to see how smoothly the drawing and illustration software runs. Programs that used to take forever to open, now load in an instant. Painting on with the tablet is smooth and natural. This will be such a help in practicing to create new illustrations. Digital painting works better when the hardware actually supports the software!


It isn’t only the painting software that works better. The coding applications also function more quickly. It’ll be interesting focusing more over the next several months on developing greater proficiency with coding. I’m going to work on a number of languages from HTML5/CSS3, XML, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and Java. I plan to work both on web development, but also mobile application development. I have a lot of plans for things that I want to do. Once the semester picks up I won’t be able to do as much until class gets out in May (other than things I need to do for class). Right now I’m mostly focusing on Python, HTML5/CSS3, and JavaScript. Plus some Scratch thrown in for fun.


Cover art for Writing Great FictionWith everything else going on, I haven’t forgotten about writing! I started listening to a Great Courses recording, Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques. I’m enjoying it! I also enjoyed the course on Science Fiction recently. Listening to the course isn’t the same thing as writing, of course, but it is encouraging me to get back into writing.

Because of that, I plan to start writing each day. I’m going to set the goal low, and I don’t know how much I’ll actually use of what I write, but I have over a month until I start back to school. It’d be good to run some streaks. I’ve already been writing these posts each day, and I plan to continue posting a daily blog. I’ll also start drawing.

I’m going to set small, easily achievable goals for my writing and drawing goals. I’ll report back in my daily posts on my progress.