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I don’t want to set too many goals right now. I’ve talked about all of the different projects that I want to tackle. I’m also enjoying the freedom of being done with classes right now. At the same time, I do want some goals.

Challenges Reset

I started the writing and drawing challenges with the best of intentions. Between work and school, I had to change my priorities and let them go for a bit. I think it’s time to reset and start again.

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge ArtworkI’m going to bump this one up a bit and do 500 words/day and try to keep a daily streak going. Fiction words. Not counting blogs or other things. I don’t have to keep the words. I just have to write them. Flash fiction, longer stories, maybe even some novels? We’ll see. Week 21 starts next week. Let’s do some math.

52 weeks in the year, so 31 weeks remaining. If I stick to the challenge and write 500 words/day, 7 days per week that’ll be 3,500 words/week or 108,500 words for the rest of 2017. Not my highest annual word count! That’s okay, given how busy I’ve been.

Sketch Challenge

Sketch Challenge Cover artLikewise, I want to draw every day. Again, it doesn’t have to be all that amazing. It needs to be done. With 31 weeks remaining, if I stick to the challenge, I should have 217 sketches by the end of the year. That sounds like a nice goal. I’m going to be working on some lessons and doing other illustrations as well. These will be quick 20 minutes or so sketches. Hopefully, I’ll also get illustrations done for my new editions of novels!

Previously, I recording my progress on the sketches and writing sessions and uploaded those to YouTube. I’m not planning to do that this time. I want to keep it simple!

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