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I’m done. Finished. Really done, not just a little done. The semester officially ended yesterday and today I finished the bonus peer reviews of the final projects. After looking at some of the other projects, it’s clear I might have strayed a bit from the conventional approach with my project. I do that sometimes. That’s okay. I try to find the fun in the assignments that I tackle. Sometimes I can’t, don’t have the time, or have ended up doing something more or different and have been penalized for that. You pick up pretty quick how receptive professors are to that sort of thing. Sometimes they want what is essentially a fill in the blanks sort of exercise without anyone straying from that format. Obviously, that makes it easier for the professor—hardly a good reason in my book!

No worries, because I’m done!

Star Trek Discovery

Today also saw the release of the Star Trek Discovery trailer. Something to look forward to this Fall when I complete my e-portfolio.

It’s funny because I think Star Trek Discovery might be overshadowed by The Orville.

Maybe it isn’t fair to compare them. With Star Trek Discovery on CBS All Access it won’t get the audience that it might otherwise. I love Star Trek and will watch it, but I’m more excited about The Orville.

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