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I’m very nearly done with this semester! I would be done, except for an assignment for bonus points that I don’t really need. But why not? My final project hasn’t been graded yet, so the bonus points might turn out to be welcome. I’ve still crossed the finish line. Now I’m just in that bonus round grabbing as many extra coins as I can.

I’ve probably mentioned this already, but I’m also excited because this means that I’ve completed my classes in the MLIS program! The only thing left is the e-portfolio in my last semester this fall. After going to school full time for the past two years this feels like going on vacation. I’m still working, but not having weekly deadlines for several classes is great. I’ll keep learning—on my own schedule!

This Week

I’m not tackling anything new this week. Or next! I’m taking some time off before I set new goals. I have a great many projects I want to tackle but first I want to relax and take a break. Play some games. Read. Watch some movies. Speaking of which, I saw this yesterday:

Loved it! Great fun. I’m planning on seeing a couple other movies soon. I also have a backlog of movies to watch!

This is going to be fun!

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