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Only 4 days left in the semester! Still not done yet. I’ve prioritized working on my assignments over my morning walks and over sleep to some extent. I’m trying to get everything done and submitted. I still have a few more things to complete: a presentation, reflection piece, and some extra peer reviews for bonus points. Plus course evaluations. Still, a few more days and I’ll be there!

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Cover artI am reading Made With Creative Commons. I’m enjoying the book. It’s interesting to read about how the authors approached the project in the beginning, and how they had to adapt once they actually interviewed people and recognized that there was more to the decision to work with the CC licenses than just making a business decision. It’s the notion of sustainable operations. That’s something I get. I’d love it if my creative work would support creating more! Even when I was focused on “making a living” from my writing, one of the primary drives was simply to give me the freedom to write more. To do the research. Travel. And create. If I was doing this for the money I wouldn’t still be doing it after thirty years!

I’m looking forward to the next steps in the weeks ahead!

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