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Only a week left! Six days, actually, until the end of the semester. The long weekend ended with my major objectives met (assignments turned in). With each new thing, I want to tackle there’s always more that I want to do. Sometimes things just need to be done, even though I often want to go farther, do more research, and expand my goals.

Over the rest of the semester, I have a few more final presentations and reflections to wrap up. Then I’m off (officially) until Fall when I wrap up with my e-portfolio.

Initial Plans

I can’t do everything at once but there are some movies I’ve been waiting to watch. There will be some streaming happening! Also, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Alien: Covenant.

Games. Playing with my family!

After a short break, then I will begin to buckle down on getting some of my other projects done. Can’t wait!

The Limehouse Golem Trailer

This looks interesting!