Author's self-portrait Another (cold!) day out in the libraries today. First Oakville Timberland Regional Library and in a bit, I’ll go to Centralia Timberland Regional Library. I skipped my walk this morning. I don’t miss often. It was 14°F this morning so I decided that I would take the morning off rather than walk when it was that cold. Plus I had the new computer to play with!


Wow, is the new computer fast! I hadn’t realized how much time I spent waiting for the old computer. I pushed its limits. I’ll have both up right now as I get everything set up on the new computer. So far I’ve set up my files, email, Office, Painter, and Creative Cloud applications. Plus a couple Blizzard games and Minecraft. Even the installs have gone so much faster. I knew the old computer struggled, I just didn’t realize how much.

Earlier I installed and ran Painter, after setting up my Wacom tablet. This is one of the main reasons I wanted a new computer. Painting was so smooth and responsive! An incredible difference. I haven’t tried Photoshop yet, but I expect it’ll respond better as well. I have several different applications that I’ve used, so it’ll be interesting seeing how the others work on the new system.


Cover art for Revelation SpaceI like science fiction with spaceships. As much as I’d like to, I haven’t read Revelation Space yet. It’s a good example of a book that caught my attention early on because of the cover. It’s more than just the artwork, the typography, and other elements of the cover all work together to create a book that will attract the intended audience.

Cover art for The Sorcerer's DaughterThat’s what I hope to do with the novels in my massive reboot. I want to do covers that work well with my books. Covers convey so much about the genre, and other elements of the experience promised by the book. A fantasy cover looks different from a science fiction novel. Mystery, romance, horror, they each have their own styles. This is the sort of thing that I hope to accomplish with the reboot. It is a challenge to tackle all of those elements myself. It’s also fun!

I work in libraries each day and handle lots of books. Typically I can spot books produced on the indie/self-publishing gradient in an instant. I’d like to create something that wows readers, and is uniquely my work.