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Author's selfieIt’s been a weird 24 hours. Around this time yesterday, my chest started to hurt. A burning sort of pain. I don’t recall ever really having heartburn, but that’s what came to mind. I also recalled that sometimes it was difficult to tell if chest pain was due to heartburn or a heart attack. When the pain continued, I did what so many of us do—I went online to find out whether I should worry or not. It didn’t help me rule out one or the other. Plus videos on YouTube of people thinking that it was heartburn only to discover it was a heart attack, didn’t make me more confident that I knew what was going on. Given the uncertainty and potential stakes, I called up my folks for a trip to the emergency room to get checked out.

It was busy! They got me back and triaged pretty quickly. ECG, blood draw, vitals all got checked. When a team didn’t descend to whisk me off right after it seemed likely that there wasn’t any immediate cause for concern, but they still wanted to check out things and run another blood test before I left.

So we waited. We got there a bit after 9 PM or so, and got home around 6 AM. I tried dozing at points but never really did sleep. Eventually, they did get me back to a room, monitored, and blood checked again. The doc examined me, the blood test came back fine, and I was released.

I’m glad it turned out fine. It was worth checking.

Movies and TV

A couple new trailers hit online. Excited about both, though I want to reread the Dark Tower books. I don’t plan on seeing that one in the theater.

I’m mostly caught up on these series. I haven’t finished Iron Fist yet. The weakest, clearly, but since it fills in some aspects of the storyline I’m still watching it. I’d thought they were waiting to do a Punisher series, but I guess not.