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Author's selfieI find my schedule shifts when I’m off work. It shifts by a couple hours. I go to bed later and get up later. I usually try to keep my schedule consistent but it has slipped a bit the last couple days. It makes me wonder what it would end up as if I didn’t need to be at work at a regular time. Not that I’m likely to find out anytime soon!


Drive cover artI’ve been listening to Drive by Daniel H. Pink the past couple days. It’s an interesting look at motivation. I’m also reading A Whole New Mind on my Kindle.

The research on intrinsic motivation is perhaps more recognized now. I’ve been in discussions in which the topic is brought up with familiarity (such as the issues with incentivizing reading in a library program). I’ve always been much more motivated by intrinsic drives—except when I wasn’t. This morning, as I listened, I realized that a big part of issues I had in the past stemmed from putting pressure on my writing and other projects that didn’t need to be there.

Get off the day job.

That was the goal in the Game, a writer’s simulation I participated in as part of a master class with other professional writers back in October 2009. The whole thing was set up for the old style of writing proposals, submitting those to publishers, getting a contract, and managing infrequent (sometimes delayed) payments from multiple projects to stitch together a living. The object was simple. Track everything, sell pitches, and make enough to quit the day job.

Except that isn’t everyone’s goal. In fact, as I’ve come to appreciate, there is much about working in the library that I value. I’m excited by my library career these days. The opportunities aren’t limited to the job. I have plenty of library-related projects I plan to pursue outside of my regular position. Those projects stem from intrinsic motivation. In nearly every class that

In nearly every class that I’ve taken since going back to school for my MLIS, I’ve purchased additional books related to the topics taught so that I can further my learning in the areas I find particularly interesting. Big data, data visualization, data analysis, design, web and app development, programming languages, and the future of the librarian profession. Daniel H. Pink is an example of that trend. We had a few chapters from A Whole New Mind assigned, but I’m reading the entire book. And now Drive.

I have dozens of more books to read. Plus, I’m working on other lessons from Code School,, Microsoft Imagine Academy, and more.

While continuing my other studies and projects in writing and illustration.

It all comes together. A number of the projects I want to tackle are simply not possible within the current structure of the library. No matter. If it’s something that I want to do, I’ll go ahead and do it.

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